Sunday, October 11, 2015

TATCHA Original Aburatorigami Beauty Papers Review

Hey everyone!

I'll admit it, my skin tends to be on the oily side. It's something I have to deal with daily. So, when I find a product designed for those of us with oily skin, you know I just had to try it out! Luckily enough, I was sent theses beauty papers from TATCHA to test out and review for you!

Here is what TATCHA has to say:

What it is: All-natural leaflet blotting sheets which absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere.

How it's different: Will not steal moisture from the skin or disturb makeup. Powder-free.  Fragrance-free.  Pulp-free.

Who it's for: All skin types.

Ingredients: Abaca leaf, gold flakes

My thoughts:

These beauty papers are little miracle workers for those of us with oily skin! All you need to do is pull one of the sheets out of your bag, and lightly blot it along your skin. They will not rub or smear off makeup. After using them, your skin will look and feel petal fresh. I have been keeping these in my purse and locker at work for touch up throughout the day. Plus, I love the added detail of gold leaf pressed into each sheet, it puts this product completely above and beyond!

This product retails for $12.00, and can be purchased at!


Note: I received this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

TATCHA Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter Review

Hey everyone!

I'm back again with another TATCHA review for you all! As you all may know, TATCHA is one of my all time favorite beauty brands. So, when I got the chance to receive another item to review, you know I was more than a little excited!

Today's review will be on the Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter. First off, let me just mention how much I appreciate the packaging of this product. TATCHA always strives to incorporate function as well as style into all their designs.

Here is what TATCHA has to say:

What it is: Rich in anti-inflammatory Indigo, liquid Silk and Squalane, TATCHA's INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter softens and soothes irritated skin.

Why it's different: The stems, leaves and petals of the Indigo plant are steeped in water and fermented to make a concentrated botanical extract. Tryptanthrin and indirubin actives help reduce irritation and promote skin's natural healing abilities. The natural blue hue disappears upon application. Due to the natural botanical extract, the shade of Indigo may vary; the efficacy of the formulation remains the same.

Who it's for: Any skin type, especially sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin consistent with symptoms of dermatitis and eczema.

My thoughts:

This body butter is luxurious feeling on the skin. It is thick, but it absorbs quickly into the skin, and never leaves a residue behind. All I'm left with is super soft, touchable skin.

I have very sensitive skin, and a lot of times it can be red, itchy, or just plain irritated during the day. However, since I started using this product, my skin has been like my new best friend! No more rough, irritated skin for me! 
Overall, I absolutely love this product, and will keep it as a staple in my skincare collection for years to come!

This product retails for $48.00, and can be purchased at


Note: I receive this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quick deskside beauty fix!

Hey everyone!

Whether you're at work, school or home, it is always important to keep a few beauty necessities at arms reach for a quick beauty fix! Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent a few of the items to try out, and review for you all. So let's get started!

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation - I always find it key to keep a good quality foundation at my desk. It can be used to touch up any areas on your face that have worn off, but also if you dab a little extra on, you can double it as a concealer!

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Socking Pink - This lipstick is a fun, bright pink shade, and will have you looking put together in no time!

OPI Venice Collection - Having a couple nail polishes on your desk is never a bad idea, because if you're like me, and constantly typing, your nails will need a fresh coat by the end of the day. Plus, these shades from the Venice Collection are perfect for fall!

Sun Bum SPF 30+ Lip Balm - I always run out to lunch, and even in that short of time, my lips feel chapped and dehydrated. So, I always like to keep a lip balm with a high SPF nearby. And, Sun Bum happens to be my favorite! Their lip balms smell fantastic, it's like your at the beach, while sitting at work!

Smashbox Baked Fusion Soft Lights - A good highlighter is hard to come by, and this one can even be doubled as a sheer blush. No need for a bush! Just use your clean finger tips, swipe a little on, and out the door you go! It's perfect to add a little healthy glow to your skin.

Conair Bobby Pins - I love bobby pins! They are so handy at taming flyaways and pulling up stray pieces of hair that have fallen out of your updo during the day.

There you have it, some of my deskside must-haves and tips for quick beauty fixes!


Note: I received some of these products to try, review and feature on my blog. I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned above, nor are they paying me to feature their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own! Photo provided by PR!