Sunday, February 28, 2010

~February Favorites!~

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe how fast this month has gone by!

Here are February Favorites!

If you have any questions or want me to review a certain product just leave me a comment below!

~Ooh la la Perfume from the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Collection

~Hope Pink Roller Ball Fragrance

~Estee Lauder High Gloss in shade 11 Blush

~The Body Shop Lip Gloss Dot in the shade 05

~Revlon Renewist Lipstick in Lush Peony

~Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm

~The Body Shop Fall Blush Trio in Warm Sunset (I have been using this as eye shadows!)

~Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics eye shadow in Cafe Au Lait

~Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics eye shadow in Endor

~Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics eye shadow in Smokey Joe

What are you February Favorites? Leave me a comment and let me know!



Note: I purchased all of the products above except for the Estee Lauder lip gloss (this was a freebie available to everyone a while ago), and the Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics eye shadows (these were sent to me to review!). As always, my opinions are 100% my own!

Friday, February 26, 2010

~Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics~

Hey everyone!

Sarah from Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics was sweet enough to send me some mineral eye shadows to try out and review!

When I found this package in the mailbox, it completely made my day!

Inside the envelope, Sarah mailed me 5 samples of eye shadows, 3 full size eye shadows, a business card and magnet, and a beautiful thank you note!

I am amazed at the beautiful, vibrant colors of these eye shadows, and I cannot wait to wear them all!

These are the full size products Sarah sent me, and the packaging is absolutely adorable! Plus, all of the names are cute, witty, and fun.

From left to right the swatches are: Smokey Joe (a beautiful purple, grey color with silver glitter), Cafe Au Lait (a gorgeous deep copper color), and Endor (an amazing rich emerald green color).

First impressions are very important to me, and I feel that these mineral eye shadows so far beat out all of the ones that I currently own!

Plus, these eye shadows are affordable for everyone! They range in price from $5- $7 depending on what collection they are from.

If you would like to check out more of Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics, their website is:

I will be testing all of these out, and I will give a full review in a week!



Note: Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics sent me these eye shadows to test out and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews are 100% my own! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

General Update

Hey everyone!

Today my mom and I worked in her garden. I must say that was hard work, but at least it's starting to warm up down here!

Right now we are growing: cherry tomatoes, broccoli, miniature bell peppers, hot peppers, leeks, and shallots! Not to mention the fantastic herbs we have growing such as: rosemary, chives, basil, sage, and plenty more! The best part in having a garden is harvesting it! It's fun to see how big everything has grown, and how your hard work has paid off!

I have finished the 7th product in my Project 15 Pan! It always seems that once you hit the half-way point, a lot of the other products take longer to finish! I am hoping to have them all finished by my Birthday in May, so that I can do some more shopping! :)

Awesome news for my readers!

I will be holding a tiny Spring Cleaning giveaway in March, to celebrate the Beginning of Spring! The prizes will be cute little soaps I have purchased at a local shop. They are handmade soaps from Thailand. I can personally say that they smell amazing!

I am still working on the details so I will let you know more soon!



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Quick Lipstick Tip!~

Hey everyone!

Does your lipstick appear a bit too bright?

Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to tone down your lipstick in a matter of seconds!

Tip #1:

Blot your lips with tissue! This will instantly take off the heavy layer of lipstick allowing a more matte/subtle finish!

Tip #2:

Apply a lighter shade of lip gloss that compliments your lipstick. This will diffuse the bright color and add a beautiful shine!

Tip #3:

If you simply cannot take the bright lips, and the other tips do not help, simply take off your lipstick and replace it with another shade!

That's the beauty of makeup! It's made to be played with!

Hope this helps you!


Monday, February 15, 2010

~What's in my Makeup Bag? Tag!~

Hey everyone!

This post is to show you what I keep in my makeup bag!

I do not normally bring my makeup bag with me, unless I am spending the night somewhere else.

I bought this cute bag at the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale this year!

I love this bag! I find that I can stuff a lot of things in it, and due to it being see-through, I can easily find the item I need!

Beginning from the back row left to right:

~ Rimmel London's Eye Magnifier Mascara
~Softlips lip balm in Cherry
~Rimmel London's Vinyl Lip Gloss in Eastend Snob
~Rimmel London's Vinyl Lip Gloss in Rhythm
~Rimmel London's Kiss Off Lip Gloss in Addicted
~Physician's Formula Organic Wear Lip Gloss in Super Ginger

Middle row from left the right:

~The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals Eye Shadow Brush
~Revlon Renewist lipstick in Lush Peony
~Mary Kay lipstick in Silver Sand
~Perfume sample of Live Pink

Front row left to right:

~The Body Shop matte eye shadow in 09
~The Body Shop matte eye shadow in 12
~Mary Kay eye shadow in Ivy Duet
~Burt's Bees Lip Balm
~Sample Size of Bare Minerals Foundation in Fairly Light
~Mini Bare Minerals Brush
~Sample of The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector

I tag Christy, Janice, Lexy, and April to do this "What's in my Makeup Bag?" Tag, and anyone else who wants to do this tag!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

~Happy Valentine's Day!~

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~General Update~

Hey everyone!

This is just a general update post.
The cold bug finally caught up with me last night. I have a sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a bad headache (it is basically the works... and it is horrible!).

I did venture out to my other Victoria's Secret in town to get the other Freebie perfume. When I got the free perfume this time is was a mini set of 3 sample perfumes in the different scents! I believe the other Victoria's Secret may have given me the wrong item (but it completely worked in my favor!).

Here are pictures of what I received today.

The description for Hope Pink: Hope Pink is a natural beauty. Comfiest in a pair of jeans and a faded t-shirt. Lives in flip flops. Write poetry. Always Outdoors. Loves a fragrance that's clean and fresh. The scent is a fresh blend of Strawberry and Jasmine.

The description of Wish Pink: Wish Pink is the ultimate girly girl. Addicted to love and lipstick. Always the center of attention. Collects pretty things. Adores a scent that's soft and romantic. The scent is a romantic blend of Peony and Vanilla.

The description of Live Pink: Live Pink is uniquely creative. An independent thinker. Inspired by art. Shops vintage. Takes risks. Craves culture. Likes a fragrance that's bright and bold. The scent is a bright blend of Passion Fruit and Raspberry Nectar.

Which Pink scent are you?

Yesterday morning at 5am, my mom and I arrived at Denny's for their Free Grand Slam Breakfast. We had to wait till 5:30 am before they started serving us, but the wait was well worth it!

The Grand Slam was amazing! We had a great waitress, and a wonderful time!

The breakfast included: Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, and Eggs. I added hash browns to mine for only 99 cents!

Hopefully Denny's will continue this for next year!



P.S. Leave a comment telling me your favorite new Pink Perfume scent! I'm interested in what you think about it!

Note: I am not associated with any of the companies listed above, nor am I paid to mention any of them. The breakfast and Victoria's Secret Freebies were available to everyone! I'm just sharing news with my readers! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

~The Body Shop - Nature's Minerals Eye Shadow Review~

Hey everyone!

I purchased these Nature's Minerals Eye Shadows when The Body Shop was having their HUGE sale online!

I got a great deal on these shadows! They were 3 for $10! Normally each would have been $13, so this was a fantastic deal!

These eye shadows are highly pigmented with a large amount of shimmer to them (which I adore!). I find that they apply easily with either a brush or your fingers.

The packaging is very durable, and is easy to keep clean (which is a bonus to me). The packaging is very small, which allows you to put more than one shade into your makeup bag.

It takes a couple good taps on the bottom to get the product to pass through the shifter. I find this to be good for me, because it allows me not to waste product by having too much and it spilling out when I open the lid.

The colors themselves are vibrant and shimmery, and last for hours without any touch-ups needed. I find that the shimmer/glitter can wear away after a couples hours (but that does not bother me).

Colors from top to bottom are:

~Radiant Graphite

~Pink Opal

~Platinum Shimmer

I find that these colors blend well with each other, and will compliment most of the other colors I have in my collection.


~Small, durable packaging

~Easy to keep packaging (lid) clean

~Beautiful colors

~Highly pigmented

~Color will stay vibrant for hours


~Shimmer will wear off within a couple hours

~The shifter allows for a limited amount of product to pass through (this could be seen as a positive as stated before)

Overall, I rate these products at 4.75 out of 5 sugarcubes! I would repurchase these items; however, it would be when The Body Shop had another online sale!



Note: I purchased these items with my own money. I am not associated with The Body Shop, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, this is my honest opinion! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

~January Favorites~

Hey everyone!

This is my January Favorites Post!

Beginning from the back left to right:

~Beauty Rush Body Spray in Slice of Heaven

~True Blue Spa Bronze Bombshell Body Shimmer

~Evian Facial Spray

~The Body Shop Cooling Foot Spray

~Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant in Energizing

~Victoria's Secret Blush Brush

~Revlon Smoothing Foot Balm

~Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in EastEnd Snob

~Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in Surreal

~Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in Rhythm

~Visine Total Eye Soothing Wipes (I find these do a great job of
removing eye makeup - they are just too expensive)

~Physician's Formula Eye Shadow in Brown Eyes Organic

~Physician's Formula Eye Shadow in Hazel Eyes Organic

~The Body Shop Fall Collection Blush Trio in Cool Dusk

~The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Shadow in Platinum Shimmer

~The Body Shop Matte Eye Shadow in 09

~The Body Shop Matte Eye Shadow in 12

~Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

~The Body Shop Fall Collection Eye Shadow in Moonlight Lustre

What are you January Favorites?


Note: All the products mentioned were purchased by me. I am not associated with any company, nor am I paid by any company to review or mention products. I always state my honest opinions of products! :)