Sunday, February 21, 2010

General Update

Hey everyone!

Today my mom and I worked in her garden. I must say that was hard work, but at least it's starting to warm up down here!

Right now we are growing: cherry tomatoes, broccoli, miniature bell peppers, hot peppers, leeks, and shallots! Not to mention the fantastic herbs we have growing such as: rosemary, chives, basil, sage, and plenty more! The best part in having a garden is harvesting it! It's fun to see how big everything has grown, and how your hard work has paid off!

I have finished the 7th product in my Project 15 Pan! It always seems that once you hit the half-way point, a lot of the other products take longer to finish! I am hoping to have them all finished by my Birthday in May, so that I can do some more shopping! :)

Awesome news for my readers!

I will be holding a tiny Spring Cleaning giveaway in March, to celebrate the Beginning of Spring! The prizes will be cute little soaps I have purchased at a local shop. They are handmade soaps from Thailand. I can personally say that they smell amazing!

I am still working on the details so I will let you know more soon!