Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 Beauty Favorites!

Hey everyone!

January has been a very eventful month for me personally, and I am excited to see what February brings! And, of course I'm super excited about Valentine's Day (even though I don't have a boyfriend or anything!) I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products this past month, that I always found myself reaching for over and over! 

~MAC Archie's Girls Blush in Cream Soda - This blush is very natural, and works perfectly day or night! 

~MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Centre of Attention - I have fallen in love with MAC's Mineralized Skinfinishes, and this one is my first thanks to Lauren! I love that the soft pink mixed with the hint of gold gives my skin a healthy glow without looking fake! Plus, this makes an awesome eye shadow!

~Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette - Need I say more? This palette is a beautiful combination of matte, shimmer, and glitter rose gold shades! Perfect all year round, and great for work!

~Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips in Coral Crave - I love this lip balm! It gives just a hint of color, while keeping my chapped lips at bay.

~MAC Flair for Finery - Another amazing Christmas gift from Lauren! I've never tried MAC's Lustre lipsticks before, but I'm in love now! This nude shade is perfect to pair with any eye look, and makes me look tan!

~MAC Archie's Girls Lip Glass in Summer Sweetheart - Another first for me, as I have never tried a MAC Lip Glass before, and I'm sold! This is the perfect milky pink shade, that is great to wear on its own or over a lipstick.

There you have it, my January 2014 Beauty Favorites! What are yours?


Note: All of the items shown above were Christmas gifts from either Lauren or my mom. All opinions are 100% my own!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Publix Breakfast Savings Event

Hey everyone!

I love eating breakfast at home, because it saves me time and money! In the morning, I love to eat cereal, oatmeal, or if I have the time some scrambled eggs. February is American Heart Month, and to celebrate, General Mills and Publix are offering up exclusive savings on heart smart cereals like Raisin Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp and Whole Grain Total. As inspiration to post, I received a box containing cereal samples and other goodies!

I was challenged to incorporate a cereal into my breakfast routine everyday for one week, and see what I thought about it. I enjoyed this challenge, because I love cereal and my breakfast was quick and easy!

Each of these cereals have their own unique taste, and I enjoyed trying them out! I loved the Raisin Nut Bran and Oatmeal Crisp cereals the best! I found that I was actually able to save time in the morning, because my breakfast was a delicious bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice.

Be sure to stop in your local Publix for great savings during the week of January 23rd through 29th -- current in-store savings include:
  • 2/$5 on the following Big G cereals: Total® Raisin Bran 18.25oz, Whole Grain Total® 16oz, Basic 4® 16oz, Raisin Nut Bran 17.1oz, Oatmeal Crisp® Almond 17oz, Oatmeal Crisp® Raisin 18oz, Wheaties® 15.6oz. Offer available 1/23/14 – 1/30/14.
  • Save $1 off any 2 General Mills cereals 
What cereals are your favorite?


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

The Blogger Made Me Buy It - TAG

Hey everyone!

The lovely Lauren from The Beauty Habit tagged me in The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag! The tag is designed to show you just how much influence a blogger has on my purchases in the beauty world! And, I already know that there is a massive influence in my life when it comes to purchasing beauty products and reading blogs!

1. Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones you rely on for reviews and swatches?

This is a hard one for me to answer, because when I want to find out something about a product, I normally search for it online, and read the reviews that pop up! However, there are a few bloggers who totally make my wish list grow longer. Lauren from The Beauty Habit, always has wonderful new hauls, and makeup loves that I keep written down on my 'To Buy' list! G from Nouveau Cheap always has the latest information on sales and new products at the drugstore. And, Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later is always posting about new products and some of her favorites. These three girls are definitely the main ones I read online all the time!

2. Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

If Lauren reviews it, and says that it is an amazing product, I generally go and pick it up if I can find it here in the states. However, if I see a bunch of YouTubers/Bloggers rave about a product that looks appealing, I will go and search for it all day long online before making me purchase.

3. What is your favorite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

This one is tricky, because my all time favorite lipstick has been influenced by blogs, but I can't purchase it here in the states. It's Beehive by 17 if you are wondering! So, the lovely Lauren sends me back ups during our box swaps, and she keeps me well in stock!

4. What is your least favorite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I would have to say the Stila Lip Glazes. These things are so sticky, its hard for me to enjoy wearing them! 

5. Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs.

Hmm let's see... Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind, Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lip Color in Bavarian Creme, The Body Shop Lip Butter in Mango, and The Wet Brush.
6. Have you ever given into blogger hype? If so which hype?

All the time! The Wet Brush has been a great purchase so far! It works wonders on my hair, and doesn't yank any stands out!
7. Have you ever avoided blogger hype? If so which hype?

I generally avoid foundation hypes, as my skin is so sensitive to any. Which means I really don't wear foundation if ever!

8. Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking a review?

I purchase items that I think I will enjoy. Everyone is different, so if a certain blogger doesn't like it, I still give it a try to see if I might! One product like this was the Maybelline Color Whispers. There was a mix bag of opinions on this product, but I ended up loving the one I purchase, Petal Rebel.

If you end up copying this tag, leave a comment below, so I can check out your post!


Create the Perfect Nude Lip with Burt's Bees!

Hey everyone!

I love a super easy nude lip, and even more, I love a nude lip that is moisturizing! Recently, I was sent these two products from Burt's Bees to try out and review. I received their Lip Shimmer in Peony and Tinted Lip Balm in Caramel Daisy.

These lip products are perfect to wear alone, but my favorite way to wear them is layered up! I use the Lip Shimmer as a base, and then apply the Tinted Lip Balm over top. 

Have you tried these products yet?


Note: I received these products to try and feature on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to feature their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Introducing Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios

Hey everyone!

Besides breakfast, I love snacking a cereals throughout the day, it settles my sweet tooth!  Recently, I received a package from Platefull Co-Op that had a box of Cheerios new Multi-Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch Cheerios in it! Talk about a very happy mail day for me!

With a touch of rich dark chocolate taste in every bite, new Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios cereal offers a perfect balance of multigrain goodness and a delicious touch of chocolate taste in every bite. These new Cheerios are simply delicious, and I love the subtle, yet rich chocolate taste to them! With or without milk, these have become a favorite in my house!

 Check out these links for even more fun from Cheerios! 

~Cheerios® website - 

~Cheerios® Facebook - 

Will you be trying out these new Cheerios?


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Publix Cascadian Farm Health & Wellness Event

Hey everyone!

It's a new year, so get ready to start it off right with the Publix Cascadian Farm Health & Wellness Event! Since 1972, Cascadian Farm has grown beyond our original farm and is recognized as a pioneer in converting conventional farms to organic. By working in harmony with the land, we offer products that balance the needs of the environment along with the needs of your nutrition. Certified Organic, Guaranteed Delicious! 

For 2014, I am looking to start fresh by eating more organic foods and exercising!I know that I am a total snacker throughout the day, so I need to have organic food options available in my kitchen. This is where Cascadian Farms comes into play! Recently, I received a gift package of a couple Cascadian Farms products and a gift card to Publix. As soon as I opened the box, and took my pictures, I dove right into their delicious goodies! I know for a fact that their Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars are excellent, and I plan to keep one of these in my purse for on the go snacking. Their Fruit and Nut Granola looks great, and I think it will be delicious over yogurt!

Here are some great deals going on now!
  • In-Store Savings: Save on Cascadian Farms cereals and bars, on sale 2 for $5. Save $1 off any 2 Cascadian Farms cereals, bars and frozen products. Look for coupon and details in the weekly booklet, offers available 1/16 – 1/30.
  • Digital Coupon: Save $0.75 off any Cascadian Farms bars, cereal or frozen products. Click here to access and print coupon: Quantities are limited.
Will you be trying any Cascadian Farms products during this event at Publix?


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissues

Hey everyone!

I know this may seem like a more random post than what I usually do, but I just had to share with you my all-time favorite facial tissues to use! I have just run out of Christmas designed tissues in my room, so while I was out shopping at the grocery store, I decided to repurchase a favorite of mine!

These tissues have a super soft, cooling feel to them. And even better, they do not leave fuzzy pieces here and there when you use them. As you all know, beauty girls do not like fuzzy bits!

Overall, these are my favorite facial tissues on the market, and I always pick up a box whenever they go on sale! 

Have you tried these yet? 


Note: I purchased this product myself!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cheerios Family Breakfast Project

Hey everyone!

The Cheerios Family Breakfast Project is a partnership between Cheerios and The Family Dinner Project. They are working together to show you how easy it is to take 7 minutes each day, for a week, and spend time with your family! I was lucky enough to receive a little goodie box with a few fun cheerios items and booklet to inspire me to share with you all! Below, I am going to include a prep, and day 1-7 idea guide, and few extra tips that I thought of myself!

Prep Your Pantry:

~Half Gallon Size milk of your family's choice (my family loves whole milk personally!)
~Basics like Cheerios, yogurt, and bread for toast (whole grain waffles are another great thing my family enjoys!)
~A few new fruits for your family to try (we are going to try mango and pineapple this week!)
~Fun extras like berries or cereal toppings, new flavors or jam, or granola for yogurt.

Day 1:

Clothes Prep Checklist - Help your kids make time for breakfast by giving them a printable checklist that helps them plan their clothes out at night. This will make it easier for them to get dressed in the morning, and will give you extra time at breakfast!

Create a Breakfast Playlist - Fun and upbeat music will wake up your kids and put them in a good mood during breakfast! 

Day 2:

Take Time to Ask Questions - As a parent, it is important to take out of your day and talk with your kids. You will be able to connect with them more, and get to know them as they start to grow up and develop their own personality!

Make Lunch Box Notes - Put some note pads on the counter and let your kids write each other uplifting and fun notes to stick in each others lunch boxes!

Day 3:

Create an Out-the-Door Bin for Everyone - Near the entry to your home (or garage) give each child and adult their own labeled bin. This will help them stay organized, and not to forget school assignments and projects before they leave!

Play a Practical Joke - Put a gummy worm in your children's cereal bowls to kick off Joke Day! Not only will they get a laugh, they get a little extra treat for the day!

Day 4:

Predict the Forecast of the Day - Ask your kids to look at the weather on the news and predict how the day will be. This way, they are able to judge for themselves whether to bring an umbrella, jacket, or sweater!

Introduce a New Fruit - Have your kids try a fruit they've never had before! This will give them a taste for trying new things, and they just might find a new favorite fruit!

Day 5: 

Get Imaginative - Ask your kids a fun question for the day, such as if you were an animal, which one would you be? 

Day 6:

Create  Simple Acts of Kindness Jar - Fill a jar with ideas for random acts of kindness, then have each family member pull one out, and challenge them to follow through with it for the day. Example of acts are: Help someone with a chore, write someone a nice note, draw a picture for someone, give someone a compliment, and share a snack with a friend.

Day 7:

Yogurt Parfait Bar - Come together and build breakfast. A yogurt parfait bar makes that fun!

1. Set out yogurt, fruit, Cheerios, and whatever else your family enjoys.
2. Put a serving spoon in each, and give all your guests clear cups and glasses.
3. Have everyone assemble their own unique parfaits! Enjoy!

My Extra Ideas:

~Leave little notes next to each family members place at the table.
~Ask your kids what new topics they've learned at school.
~Play a mini color game in the kitchen - where you name a color, and the children have to find items around them that are that color. 

Check out more fun at:
Cheerios Facebook Page

As you all can see, it can be easy and fun to take 7 minutes each morning and spend it with your families over a healthy breakfast! I know I plan on doing it this week as well!


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter Review

Hey everyone!

There are lip butters all around us nowadays at the stores! I think that everyone loves a good lip butter, because they are super moisturizing, perfect for chapped lips, and can add a hint of color. Recently, I got sent two Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butters from Pacifica in the shades Sunset and Lava.

From Left to Right:

Pacifica's lip butters are 100% vegan, cruelty-free , all natural, and formulated without carmine, parabens, petroleum, and FD&C color. All of this basically means that these lip butters are pretty awesome! 

From Left to Right:

These lip butters give your lips a sheer wash of color,while keeping them moisturized. I love to put these on if I'm just running out of the house for Starbucks, or if my lips are super chapped from the colder weather we've had here. Overall, these are great little lip butters to try out, and I think they would make great little gifts for Valentine's Day!

These lip butters retail for $10 each, and can be purchased at!


Note: I was sent these lip butters to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

shu uemura Gloss Unlimited Review

Hey everyone!

I'm all about the perfect lip gloss. It has to be one I can throw in my bag, apply on the go, and not worry about it being too sticky. Recently, I was sent a couple samples of the shu uemura Gloss Unlimited in the shades PK 20 C and ND 10 S. 

These have super chic packaging, and a uniquely, oval shaped applicator. I find that the applicator is perfect for giving me an even sweep of gloss over my lips, and allows me to wear it sheered out or build it for more coverage.

From Top to Bottom:
~PK 20 C
~ND 10 S

One thing that many of you will enjoy is that these glosses have no scent to them, which is perfect for those of us who are sensitive. The formulation of this gloss is very smooth and non-sticky. This means it does have to be reapplied after a few hours, but when your gloss looks this cute, it's all good!

From Top to Bottom:
~ND 10 S
~PK 20 C

As you can see from the swatches above, each gloss is build-able for a more opaque coverage. I personally love to wear these over a bold lipstick to help sheer it out some. 

Each gloss retails for $25.00, and can be purchased at!

What do you think of these shades?


Note: I received these glosses to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

shu uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick Review

Hey everyone!

With Valentine's Day and job interviews right around the corner for me, I have been searching for that perfect matte lipstick that will last several hours without drying out my lips. And I believe I have found it!

Recently, I was sent a sample of shu uemura's Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick in the shade M PK 355! This lipstick is a vibrant, yet wearable, hot pink color. I think it will be perfect to wear in an office environment for a statement lip, or even better to wear for your Valentine's Day date!

The packaging of this lipstick is extremely sturdy, and I know I can toss it in my makeup bag, for a night out on the town, and not worry about the cap coming off.

The formula of this lipstick is very creamy, so it glides on your lips with ease. The matte finish of the lipstick means that it will wear for several hours before any touch ups are needed. I found that I still had this one my lips well after 4 hours! One perk to this lipstick that I have found is that it does not cling to any dry patches on your lips. This means that even if you have chapped lips, you can still rock this lipstick! 

Beauty Tips:

~Dab this lipstick lightly on your lips to achieve a more natural look!

~To tone down the boldness of the lipstick, sweep a pale pink or nude gloss over top!

This product retails for $30.00, and can be purchased at!

What do you think of this lipstick? Will you be giving it a try this Valentine's Day?


Note: I was sent this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the brand, nor are they paying me to review their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips Balm Review

Hey everyone!

The latest and greatest from Maybelline's Baby Lips line is out in full retail force. Their new Dr. Rescue Lip Balms are medicated, so they are suppose to help treat chapped lips! 

From Left to Right:

~Pink Me Up
~Just Peachy
~Soothing Sorbet
~Coral Crave

I find these lip balms to be my favorite out of the entire Baby Lips line! They are moisturizing, medicated, and tinted. Talk about a triple threat in my opinion! And I find that they do help to ease my chapped lips. Each balm glides on the lips with ease, and leaves behind a wash of color that is easy to wear and does not require a mirror to apply. They are perfect for office lip colors, and to just keep in your bag for on-the-go application. They do have a medicated cough drop smell, so some of you might not find that appealing. However, I love it!

From Left to Right:

~Pink Me Up
~Just Peachy
~Soothing Sorbert
~Coral Crave

I give these lip balms a 5 out of 5 for their performance, and I cannot wait to see what they release next!


Note: These were gifted to me from my mom for Christmas. I am not associated with any brand mentioned above, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Man-Bun: Red Carpet Win‏

Hey everyone!

At last night’s 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, celebrities came out to celebrate the best in television and cinema – and to walk the red carpet, kicking off award season with their best ensembles, hair and makeup.

After last year’s big-hit trend of beards and facial hair seen on A-listers such as, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman we wondered how they would top it – and they did with the hipster “man-bun”. The statement was made in a cool, yet assertive way.

Vaughn Acord, Celebrity Grooming Stylist to the stars, says, “the man-bun is a real statement maker; it oozes confidence and shows character. But, don’t confuse it with a ponytail – the man-bun is definitely manlier; think samurai. It also frames the face, allowing chiseled features to stand out. And, it is best paired with a beard.” 

Here are Vaughn’s tips on how to style the man-bun: 

~Start off on damp hair. Rub a wax through hair from root to tips that will create separation and definition to hair so when it is pulled back, it is not completely slick. Try: V76 by Vaughn V-Rated Wax.

~Next, using your hands, loosely pull hair back above the nape of the neck.

~Secure with an elastic pony holder, looping hair through, making it appear as effortless as possible. 

~You can either wear it completely slick back or leave it as is, but for a slicked look, apply a grooming cream to get rid of any flyaways. Try: V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream. 

What did you think of this trend?


Note: Information provided by PR!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cate Blanchett at the 2014 Golden Globes - Makeup by Jeanine Lobell‏

Hey everyone!

THE LOOK: Soft and Romantic

THE INSPIRATION: "We didn't want to do the expected red lip to go with her gorgeous Armani black gown," Said Lobell. "So we went the softer route. No harsh lines. Instead, I blended colors for dimension."


Eye -
Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara - Jeanine piled on layers and layers to both the top and bottom lash line, combined with individual flares, to create dramatic lashes.
Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Intuition and Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Emervielle - By blending the pinky-beige and goldy-beige shades and dusting them from the lid to the lash line, in addition to adding a pop of Emervielle to the lid, Jeanine was able to create dimension without using any liners.
Nars Brow Shader and Brow Gel - Jeanine created a defined but not too harsh brow

Nars Highlighting Blush in Satellite of Love
Lancôme Translucence Mattifying Silky Press Powder
Jeanine layered both powders in order to highlight Cate's defined cheekbones
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask - Jeanine prepped Cate's skin with this while she was getting her nails done

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in #502 Scarlatto and #509 Boudoir - Jeanine layered #509 Boudoir (a nude rose) on top of 502 #Scarlatto (a raspberry rose) 

What did you think of this look?


Note: Information and photo provided by PR!

Get the Look: Lizzy Caplan at the Golden Globes‏

Hey everyone!

Hitting the red carpet for the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards, "Masters of Sex" star Lizzy Caplan dazzled as the epitome of understated glamour. "Because Lizzy's beautiful dress is so structured with amazing gold beadwork, I wanted to keep her makeup relatively simple," said Burt's Bees Lead Makeup Artist Katey Denno. Katey began with Burt's Bees Peony Lip Shimmer ($5,, followed by a super-hydrating coat of the Burt's Bees Caramel Daisy Tinted Lip Balm ($7, to lock in the subtle color. "To achieve a perfect red-carpet glow, I added a cream blush and a cream illuminizer along the highlights of her face, and used three shades of eyeshadow along with a black-gold liner and black mascara for a sultry eye," says Katey. 

What do you think of Lizzy's look?


Note: Information and photo provided by PR!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick and Easy Grilled Asparagus Recipe!

Hey everyone!

2014 is a year that I plan on making healthier changes in my life, and one way I plan on doing that is by eating fresher foods! So far, I haven't been too good about this, but I plan to start now! The recipe I have for you today is for quick and easy grilled asparagus! This is a delicious veggie, and it's suppose to be very good for you!

To start:

You will need one bunch of asparagus depending on the amount of people you are feeding. If you are a veggie lover, I highly suggest making it two bunches!

You must wash, trim, and dry your asparagus spears. Once this has been done, generously add in olive oil, salt, and pepper to the bowl and toss to coat evenly.

Then, place your seasoned spears on an electric grill and cook for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the doneness you prefer. I still like my veggies to have a crunch to them, so I pulled them off after 5 minutes. 

Once it is off the grill add a splash of lemon juice, and serve with a lean piece of meat. Tonight's meat consisted of a chicken cordon blue, which was delicious!!

Are you going to try this out?


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nina Dobrev: Get the Look Straight from Her Hairstylist‏

Hey everyone!

Nina Dobrev looked amazing as she hit the red carpet last night at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. For Nina’s edgy look, celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri created a “knothawk” that complimented her sexy black dress. Riawna explains how to get Nina’s style equation using KMS® California hair care:

Since Nina wore a bold black dress that comes a little up the neck, Riawna wanted to put her hair up in a sleek and sexy style to show off the dress. She created a Mohawk containing about 100 knots that went from the back of her hair all the way to the top, with a little bit of texture. In order to achieve this textured look, Riawna spritzed KMS® California HAIRPLAY sea salt spray ($18.99) to give Nina’s hair the natural texture it got when she was swimming in the ocean in Australia where she just got back from this morning.
Then, to finish the look and keep Nina’s hair in place all night, Riawna sprayed KMS® California HAIRSTAY maximum hold spray ($17.99). 


Note: Information and photo provided by PR!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Publix and Weight Watchers!

Hey everyone!

I don't know about you, but one of my resolutions every year is to eat healthier and lose weight. Unfortunately, this is my resolution every New Years, so you see how well I stick to it! However, this year I am determined to do just that, so it really helps that Publix is having great deals on Weight Watcher-endorsed products right now! 

Below is the sale info taking place during the week of January 2 - 12:
• Progresso Light Soups: BOGO
• Green Giant Frozen: BOGO
• Yoplait: 20/$10 

Check out Publix Everyday Saver for more great deals! 

 I was fortunate enough to receive a gift card to Publix in exchange for this post, and I can tell you that I will be shopping very soon to stock my fridge and cupboards with these items! I find that soups are great to keep on hand when you're too tired to cook a full meal, and you feel like fast food would be an easier option. This way, I can warm up some soup and avoid the fast food! Frozen veggies are another great option to have on hand, because you can eat them as your meal, or use them as a side dish with a piece of lean meat! And, we all know that yogurt is a good snack anytime of the day.

Will you be shopping these sales?


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.