Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cheerios Family Breakfast Project

Hey everyone!

The Cheerios Family Breakfast Project is a partnership between Cheerios and The Family Dinner Project. They are working together to show you how easy it is to take 7 minutes each day, for a week, and spend time with your family! I was lucky enough to receive a little goodie box with a few fun cheerios items and booklet to inspire me to share with you all! Below, I am going to include a prep, and day 1-7 idea guide, and few extra tips that I thought of myself!

Prep Your Pantry:

~Half Gallon Size milk of your family's choice (my family loves whole milk personally!)
~Basics like Cheerios, yogurt, and bread for toast (whole grain waffles are another great thing my family enjoys!)
~A few new fruits for your family to try (we are going to try mango and pineapple this week!)
~Fun extras like berries or cereal toppings, new flavors or jam, or granola for yogurt.

Day 1:

Clothes Prep Checklist - Help your kids make time for breakfast by giving them a printable checklist that helps them plan their clothes out at night. This will make it easier for them to get dressed in the morning, and will give you extra time at breakfast!

Create a Breakfast Playlist - Fun and upbeat music will wake up your kids and put them in a good mood during breakfast! 

Day 2:

Take Time to Ask Questions - As a parent, it is important to take out of your day and talk with your kids. You will be able to connect with them more, and get to know them as they start to grow up and develop their own personality!

Make Lunch Box Notes - Put some note pads on the counter and let your kids write each other uplifting and fun notes to stick in each others lunch boxes!

Day 3:

Create an Out-the-Door Bin for Everyone - Near the entry to your home (or garage) give each child and adult their own labeled bin. This will help them stay organized, and not to forget school assignments and projects before they leave!

Play a Practical Joke - Put a gummy worm in your children's cereal bowls to kick off Joke Day! Not only will they get a laugh, they get a little extra treat for the day!

Day 4:

Predict the Forecast of the Day - Ask your kids to look at the weather on the news and predict how the day will be. This way, they are able to judge for themselves whether to bring an umbrella, jacket, or sweater!

Introduce a New Fruit - Have your kids try a fruit they've never had before! This will give them a taste for trying new things, and they just might find a new favorite fruit!

Day 5: 

Get Imaginative - Ask your kids a fun question for the day, such as if you were an animal, which one would you be? 

Day 6:

Create  Simple Acts of Kindness Jar - Fill a jar with ideas for random acts of kindness, then have each family member pull one out, and challenge them to follow through with it for the day. Example of acts are: Help someone with a chore, write someone a nice note, draw a picture for someone, give someone a compliment, and share a snack with a friend.

Day 7:

Yogurt Parfait Bar - Come together and build breakfast. A yogurt parfait bar makes that fun!

1. Set out yogurt, fruit, Cheerios, and whatever else your family enjoys.
2. Put a serving spoon in each, and give all your guests clear cups and glasses.
3. Have everyone assemble their own unique parfaits! Enjoy!

My Extra Ideas:

~Leave little notes next to each family members place at the table.
~Ask your kids what new topics they've learned at school.
~Play a mini color game in the kitchen - where you name a color, and the children have to find items around them that are that color. 

Check out more fun at:
Cheerios Facebook Page

As you all can see, it can be easy and fun to take 7 minutes each morning and spend it with your families over a healthy breakfast! I know I plan on doing it this week as well!


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.