Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Top Summer Essentials!~

Hey everyone!

Here are my top summer product picks!
~An oil-free tinted sunscreen. It is easy to wear instead of foundation, and with the tint, it will cover blemishes.

~A facial spray. I love the Evian Facial Spray, because it instantly refreshes my skin!

~ A cute, large pair of sunglasses. This will help to prevent wrinkles around your eyes, and give you an additional stylish piece to your outfit!
~Neutral color eye shadows. The eye shadows will have you looking fresh and summery!

~Lip Scrubs. These are great to use in order to keep your lips soft and sexy!

~Lip balm with SPF. This will keep your lips from becoming chapped and sun burnt.

~Light shades of lip gloss. The lighter shades will make your skin appear tan and sun kissed.
~Minty fresh gum. A minty mouth is always confident in starting conversations.
~Shimmering body powders. They will add a special glow to your summer tan, making you stand out above the rest.
~Light and fruity body sprays. Body sprays are perfect for any time of day, they will instantly wake you up with their sweet, fruity scent.
~A strong deodorant. A strong, summer scented deodorant will keep you dry and odor free all day long without worry!
~Hand sanitizers. It is always important to keep your hands germ-free, because you do not want to get sick in the middle of your summer vacation!

~ A beautiful topical necklace. A tropical necklace will complete any summer outfit.

~Cooling foot spray. This will help to relax you anytime, day or night.

~Reviving leg gel. The peppermint in this leg gel, will sooth away tired muscles in your legs.

~Cooling body gel. The aloe in this body gel will help to calm sensitive skin due to irritation from the sun or other causes.
~A good book. No summer is fully complete without a great book!

What are you summer essentials?


Note: Product pictures shown above are just used for examples. I am not promoting any company.