Monday, August 30, 2010

~What's in My Fall Travel Makeup Bag?~

Hey everyone!

This is a post just to let you know what I will be carrying in my travel makeup bag this fall, if I go on any over night or long trips!

First off, I have this great makeup bag that came in a gift set a couple years ago. I really love this bag, because you can hang it up and none of your stuff will fall out!

I always have a mascara, and two options for eye liner. One is a bright and shimmering purple color, while the other one is a matte brown.

Makeup Brushes are essential to any travel bag, but you have to consider saving space. I have a small blush brush, a simple eye shadow brush, and a baby kabuki brush! I keep just a sample size of mineral foundation, eye shadow primer, and concealer/highlight.

Bringing a variety of eye shadows is a great and easy way to switch up your makeup! My recommendation: choose colors that can go with any outfit.

Lip products are always a must and very important on trips! They are a quick way to bright up your face. I like to bring a neutral lipstick, and glosses that look gorgeous by themselves!

Perfume and body spray is a must, but look for small, travel size bottles!

A facial spray is a fantastic way to revive dull skin and makeup! I always have this travel size bottle on hand!

What would you carry in your makeup bag?


Note: Makeup brands shown are not for advertising purposes. They are just shown to give viewers an idea!