Thursday, October 14, 2010

~Sweet Treats Haul!~

Hey everyone!

I came across this awesome company called Moon's Harvest on the internet, and  just had to pamper myself, with some of their amazing handmade treats!

When I received my box, everything was packaged to perfection!

This delicious bath bomb is called Mexican Fried Ice Cream! I swear this bath bomb actually looks like fried ice cream and smells yummy!  $3.85

Moon Glo Bubble Cake in the scent Not Guilty! This little beauty has become an instant favorite of mine!  If anyone has trouble sleeping, I suggest buying this lovely smelling bubble cake. After a few whiffs, you will feel relaxed, and drift off to Dream Land.  $4.65

Another gorgeous bath bomb, in the scent Toasted Marshmallow! It smells just like a creamy marshmallow that has been toasted over an open fire! Good Memories!  $3.85

Sugar Whip Body Scrub in the scent Pumpkin Vanilla with cinnamon' sprinkled over the top!  Mmm!  Where's my spoon? $11.50

Whipped Soy Body Mousse in the scent Cane Sugar is a natural, light scent, that will be perfect after a soothing soak, in the tub! All I need is a cherry on top!  $12.50

By far, the cutest product I've seen in a long time, and I  know it's going to make bath time even more fun! This Bath Shooter in a shot glass, in the scent Smooth Operator, has adorable layers and added sprinkles on top!  $4.75

La Tub Truffle in the scent White Lotus! It looks just like a giant truffle, Godiva eat your heart out!  $3.25

The Bath Shake in the scent Purple Hooter (Grape), just might be the best bath product, I have ever seen!  It is a two-part bath bomb! The bottom section of this delicious treat is the bubble bath, while the top adds moisture and softness! I can use it separately or together! I am so excited to try this out!  $8.65

Move over Lush because there's a new bubble bar in town! Moon's Harvest is my new Bath and Body Shop. I can enjoy these scrumptious delights without the guilt of calories!



Nancy said...

Mmm! Does anyone besides me want ice cream?