Monday, November 8, 2010

~Lady Sugarsheen's Holiday Gift Giving Guide!~

The Night Before Cyber Monday
By Lady Sugarsheen

It was the night before Cyber Monday, and all through the house, not a computer was searching, not even its mouse.

My credit cards were laid by their due dates with care, in hopes of 75% off sales and free shipping, as well.

With Lady Sugarsheen’s suggestions, I knew what to buy. She had all the great brands, on her gift giving guide.

As I dreamt off to sleep, cuddled up cozy in my nice comfy bed, Sugar Me Sweet thoughts danced in my head.

I had just settled in after a warm soothing bath, with a Bubble Cake Bar, from Moon’s Harvest. Net.

Dawn’s early day break brought the sound of squeaky truck brakes. Without a moment to spare, I flew out of bed, and went straight down the stairs.

I yelled, “out of my way, it’s the Fed Ex Man” to my little sis Kate. With the sound of a knock, I hurried my pace. 

I threw open the door, and squealed in delight, boxes and packages greeted my sight. 

In the blink of an eye, he was back in his truck; he gave a quick nod as he started it up.

When he rounded the bend, I heard him call out, “Happy Holidays to all and to all a beep beep!”

 I awoke with a start, not a second to spare, at last Cyber Monday was finally here! 

The End!

Seasons Greetings from Lady Sugarsheen of Sugar Me Sweet Fame!


Christmas Charm said...

Thanks Lady Sugarsheen! I'm forwarding your gift giving guide to my Santa Baby! Last year, he gave me a Tom Tom to navigate around town! Here's the kicker, he opened it up and used it to navigate home, and then put it back in the box and gift wrapped it!