Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss Review!

Hey everyone!

This is a review on the Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in the shade Creamsicle!

The Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in the shade Creamsicle is a gorgeous coral color with gold shimmer!

The gloss is extremely sticky, and although some may feel this is a negative, I consider it a plus! For instance, if I look towards my lips as a glue trap and it just so happens that Mr. Right scurries by, then all I need to do is pucker up! And Smack! He’s mine!

Another good quality is that the gloss last 5 to 6 hours on my lips without needing a touch up. Also, the gloss is highly pigmented, and has a delicious citrus scent!

I purchased Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss on sale for $2.87, and I believe it was a good deal; however, I would not pay full retail price.

“Hey, it’s tough out there for us beauties, so why should we pay full price for a glue trap? Oops! I mean lip gloss, when we can get it on sale!”

This product retails for $11.99!

~Stunning, coral color
~Last a long time on lips
~Easy to use applicator
~Delicious scent

~Very sticky

Overall, I rate this product at 4 out of 5 sugarcubes! Sally Hansen’s Forever Stay Moisture Gloss has the staying power to lock lips! In fact, Thailand 2012 Valentine’s Day Kissing Contest, here I come!


Note: I purchased this product with my own money!


Ann said...

LOL! I loved your spin on this post!

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy it at?