Friday, January 27, 2012

Soap & Glory Peace Hand Love Set Review

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This is a review on the Soap & Glory Peace Hand Love Set!

Behind the brand - The Glory of It All - Soap & Glory’s squeaky-clean story

Kilgore used her cosmetic chemistry savvy to bring, fearless, and fantastically formulated bath, beauty, and body products to Soap & Glory has been supporting the "Clean of England" since 2006, when founder and suds-loving entrepreneur Marcia the U.K.

Kilgore is widely renowned as the skincare expert's expert. At 26, she opened her first big business—New York's famous Bliss Spa. She's performed thousands of facial and body treatments, on her "regulars," top beauty editors, and an A-list roster of celebrities. She boasts an encyclopedic—and practical—knowledge of cosmetic ingredients, can tell you what really works, and knows what lifts a skincare, body, or cosmetic formulation from average to amazing. Most importantly, she believes that a good laugh can take off as many years as a good "lift."

Within weeks of Soap & Glory's first launch, the word—and gloss—on everybody's lips was their now iconic, super-plumping Sexy Mother Pucker™. Soon after, Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter™ Body Butter was voted Britain's Best Body Butter and their Make Yourself Youthful™ anti-aging peptide serum took The Times beauty award's gold star. The bar was set high. And every single Soap & Glory product that followed has been brilliant.

But it's not all foam and frivolity. Soap & Glory's 2-Minute Rinse campaign promotes quick, easy-to-do, 120-second showers. It has become de rigueur for those worried about the approaching global water shortage. And so, Soap & Glory always suggests—whether you're using S&G or other products—shorter showers are better.

A proud purveyor of an absolutely fabulous full range of beauty, body, and bath stuffs, Soap & Glory recommends putting your products on with happiness and abandon, because they believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn't matter absolutely.

This may be the 21st century, but in our home, dishes are still washed by hand! As you might imagine, because of this barbaric practice, my mom and I both suffer from dishwasher hands. Worst yet, the cold weather and added pots and pans from holiday cooking makes them extremely dry and chapped, causing unsightly rashes and cracked skin! The only solution up to now has been to use medicated creams before bed, along with expensive medicated hand lotions.

So when the opportunity to try Soap & Glory’s Peace Hand Love Set presented itself, we jumped at the chance to find out first-hand, if the products were as good as we had heard! To our delight, they were even better. The rich, liquid floral hand soap lathered up nicely and rinsed away clean, leaving our hands feeling soft, refreshed, and conditioned. But the piece de resistance was the fragrant hand cream that hydrated and revived our tired overworked hands, and brought them back to life! We couldn’t ask for anything more, except a dishwasher! lol

This set contains:

- 8.4 oz Hand Food Hand Cream

- 8.4 oz Wash Your Hands of It Hand Wash

- Sink-side metal caddy

This set retails for $18.00, and can be purchased at!

~Hand soap and cream both have a lovely floral scent
~Soap rinses clean
~Soap is non- drying
~Cream leaves hands feeling nourished and restored
~Cream absorbs quickly
~Cream is non-greasy
~Vintage packaging with a British flare
~Metal sink-side caddy
~Ideal Gift

~Hand cream contains parabens

Overall, I rate this product at 5 out of 5 sugarcubes! Don’t make war, make peace, and love your hands with Soap & Glory!


Note: Soap & Glory sent me this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!


Maddie said...

I've always wanted to try Soap & Glory items. Glad to know they're as good as people say!

Ann said...

You sold me! I'm taking my daughter and her friends to the mall this weekend to go to the movies, so while I was there, I was going to check out the Smashbox Be Discovered eye pallet for my niece. I figure why not see if I can pick up Soap & Glory's hand cream for me, because my hands need some tender love and care, like you poor dears!