Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing Bath & Body Works Wild Garden Collection!‏

Hey everyone!

I am excited to announce the Bath & Body Works Wild Garden Collection, which launches in store this weekend!

This lush, wild, enticing and playful collection brings your shower into full bloom! Capturing the untamed wilderness of spring’s first bloom, the new Wild Garden scents burst with energy and shower you with love. Welcome the season with the enchanting experience of stepping into a Wild Garden—the ultimate refreshment.

~Wild Berry Tulips is a flirtatious blend of red raspberry, cheery honeysuckle and pink tulips.

~Wild Apple Daffodil is a playful blend juicy red apple, flirty daffodils and fresh pomegranate.

~Wild Citrus Sunflower is a sunny blend of sparkling clementine, cheerful sunflowers and luscious white nectarine.

Prices: Shower Gel ($11.00), Body Lotion ($11.00), Fine Fragrance Mist ($14.00), Shimmer Mist ($14.00), Body Cream ($12.50), Glowing Body Scrub ($14.00), Shimmer Body Cream ($12.00), Shimmer Fizz Body Mousse ($12.50)


Note: Picture and information provided by PR.


Lexy said...

I wonder if the preview items will be a dollar!

Rainbowify Me said...

Mmm, they sound as if they smell really good!! I think Wild berry tulips could be my fav of the three.

Ann said...

Wild Apple Daffodil sounds tempting to try! You know what this means don't you? A trip to BBW, of course! Actually, I have to go anyway, because one of the large candles that I bought when they were having their 2 for $20 isn't burning well. No problem though because the company will exchange it without a hassle! Still, this is the 4th large candle that I've had to take back. I have never had a problem with the small or medium candles! For that reason, they are my favorite!

Cindy said...

I cant wait to pick them up!

Following your blog now dear!



Chelise Navarro said...

Hi :) I nominated you for a blog award. For details stop by my page. Congratulations I ♥ your blog so you deserve it.