Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pack It All in a Carry-On!

Hey everyone!

Summer has arrived and fashionista sisters and world travelers, Jane Wagman and Liz Lange of Shopafrolic.com know all about fashionably packing the right way for any chic getaway. Instead of waiting in long lines for checked bags and looking like the “over packer” – here are some simple and helpful tips on how to pack it all in a carry-on, just in time for summer travel. 

1. Start with the right bag, we swear by the ASAKs brand sold exclusively at Lexington Luggage in NYC. We call them magic bags as they are soft and stretchy and you always seem to be able to fit more in. Even if you don't buy that specific bag, you want a soft fabric roller bag as opposed to a hard case bag. When you buy it make sure you ask for the largest size that it allowed on the plane. 

2. Pick a neutral color scheme for the trip. White is always a summer must, so white jeans should always be pressed and packed, ready to go!

3. Add key colored items to mix it up. Again, white is the summer color, so throw in some brightly colored cardigans or tees’s and maybe even a neon belt. You’ll be shocked how you can jazz up a simple outfit with a splash of color. 

4. Organization is key - It is all about zip locks. Keep one under your sink with all of your favorite products decanted into the 4oz travel sized bottles that they sell at every drug store. Or invest in travel sized versions of your favorite products. 

5. Never pack items that you know every hotel has: bathrobe, hairdryer, soap, body lotion, shampoo or conditioner. For makeup bring 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products like lip and cheek stain. Always keep those fragrance samples and try something easy like adhesive nail stick-on’s for a quick on-the-go manicure. 

6. Pack a separate zip lock with fun bold costume jewelry; this is what will change up your neutral looks. 

7. Never pack more than 2 pairs of shoes: one daytime, one night time. If you are going somewhere where you need boots, wear those on the plane to save space. 

8. Be smart about what you wear on the plane: 
a. Wear your coat/travel shawl on the plane 
b. Wear whatever would take up the most space in your bag on the plane. We like a trench coat for city travel - It is always chic, it is a great layering piece and easily goes day to night. 
c. Load your reading material onto a kindle, iPad, nook, whatever… 
d. Put your daytime pocketbook into a larger tote bag (we like the LL Bean Boat and Totes) to create even more room in your allowed second carry on item. 

9. Bring lots of extra underwear. They take up no space and can mean the difference between having to do hotel laundry or not. 

10. Plan to repeat outfits, no one notices and no one cares. Even Anna Wintour always repeats outfits.


Note: Information provided by PR.