Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Swap with Rebecca!

Hey everyone!

This Christmas, me and the fantastic Rebecca from The Pigeon's Nest, decided to do a Christmas swap! I just received her package in the mail today, via special delivery, and it took me no time flat to open the box, and tear through the gorgeous wrapping paper! I was so happy with all the goodies Rebecca sent me, she even included a bunch of handmade items from her store!

I absolutely loved how she wrapped everything, and look at this card! It is stunning!

Here are all the goodies Rebecca sent me:

~A gorgeous blue Robbin with a pink heart chest! I've been hinting at one of these since we decided to do the swap, so you can imagine the squealing I did when I opened this up.

~A fun, festive Christmas ornament, which is already on my tree! 

~A beautiful string of bunting that will be perfect for any future Spring or Summer parties! 

~A stunning navy blue, satin flower hair accessory. I wear my hair back all the time, so this is going to add a fun touch, plus is looks pretty in my brown hair!

~The cutest rag-dog key chain ever! This instantly won my heart the second I opened it up!

~Fun, summery earrings! How cute are these?

~Another beautiful hair accessory! This is a gorgeous white material flower with a sparkling button in the center! I'm totally wearing this tomorrow!

~Peppermint scented foot care set! I love all things peppermint, so this will be put to a lot of use.

~Button soaps! I have never seen anything as cute as these!

~English breakfast tea! Rebecca is a huge tea drinker, so I know this is going to be good!

~Natio Bar Soap! I love bar soaps, so I can't wait to use this!

~Pink mini notepad! I always am writing list and ideas down, so this little notepad is going to live in my purse!

~British flag tissues! These are almost too cute to use!

~Impulse relaxing bath petals. These are going to be another cute addition to my foot baths! 

~Elf nail polishes in Navy and Rosy Rasin! These polishes are perfect colors for this time of year!

~Elf eye shadow duo in Butter Pecan. You know I love my neutral shades, so this will be well loved!

~Cherry lip balm. What girl doesn't need a yummy smelling lip balm?

Thank you so much for my goodies Rebecca, I love everything! I hope you enjoy everything I sent you! We should definitely make this a holiday tradition!


Note: All the goodies shown are gifts from Rebecca!