Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Smashbox Program!

Hey everyone!

Smashbox Cosmetics invites you to be a part of beauty and Oscar history by celebrating its epic creative collaboration with renowned artist Curtis Kulig. The billboard you create on Smashbox Cosmetics’ cutting-edge Facebook app will go live at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in LA during the week of the Oscars, which airs on Sunday, February 24th. 

Here’s how it works:

~Visit the Smashbox Cosmetics Facebook page to design your ultra-personalized “Love Me” billboard by choosing from three templates inspired by Kulig’s limited-edition collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics

~Upload the photo you want to be featured in your billboard

~Write what “Love Me” means to you in a few words

~Wait for your email notification about what time your billboard will go live, which will include a link to a live-stream online

Your digital “Love Me” billboard will be broadcast during the week of the Oscars on a digital billboard on Hollywood Boulevard at the Roosevelt Hotel, across the street from the Dolby Theatre, the legendary venue of the Academy Awards. In addition to being seen in LA, your creation will be live-streamed and seen by people all over the country and around the world – your email notification will include a link to the live-stream online.

Everyone who creates a billboard will also have the chance to win a product from the “Love Me” collection. Kulig’s signature “Love Me” mark has been seen everywhere from LA to Tokyo, and this limited-edition collection features eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, liners and lip glosses inspired by his vivid color palette and unique “Love Me” script.

WHAT:         Love Me Campaign from Smashbox Cosmetics
WHERE:       Visit the Smashbox Cosmetics Facebook page:

*I have been told that this program will start Tuesday or Wednesday now due to technical difficulties!
Are you going to try this new program out? I know I will!


Note: Information provided by PR!


MaddieKins said...

I'm so totally doing this! Thanks for the heads up!!

Lexy said...

Their products look great...I am thinking of doing this.