Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Breakthrough Way to Maximize your Manicure

Hey everyone!

Check out these tools to help you create your own flawless manicure at home!

File and Shape the Right Way

A natural nail should be shaped to mirror the shape of your cuticle.  This is the natural shape the nail grows and will keep the structure of the nail intact.  Breaking, cracking or splitting happens when the nail shape is altered. Always file in one direction; Never saw back and forth on the nail as this will shred the very delicate keratin layers of the nail, causing chipping and nail peeling!

Sally Hansen Ahead of the Curve 2 Step Sapphire File: This double-sided nail file features a two-part smooth and shape system with medium grit on one side and fine grit one the other. Start with the medium grit to adjust nail length and shape then follow with the fine-grit outer curve for a perfectly smooth finish. ($4.49)

Sally Hansen Nail Shaper Nail Boards - The ideal filing surfaces for nails not too hard, not too soft. ($1.29)

Sally Hansen No More Ridges Nail Shaper & Buffer - Shape, smooth, buff and shine nails with this professional salon smoothing block. ($1.49)

Pick your Hue

As the ultimate color authority, Sally Hansen has always been at the cutting edge of nail innovation. First, Sally Hansen introduced the first-ever polish to deliver five steps of a professional manicure with the Complete Salon Manicure collection. Now the nail care leader is upping the ante with two additional benefits—gel-like shine and chip-resistance—for the ultimate 7-in-1 formula. 

New pastels are dusty (I Lilac You), urban (Gray-T Escape) and not your standard pink or lavender (Pink a Card) for a more wearable and less traditional spin. ($7.99)

What do you think of these manicure tips?


Note: Information and photos provided by PR!