Thursday, September 19, 2013

Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque

Hey everyone!

I love pampering myself with masks at least once a week. Recently, Joey New York sent me their Quick Results Peel-Off Masque to try and review for all of you! This masque is a lot of fun to use, because it dries down into a single layer and peels off with ease. I found extremely easy to apply, and I used it while giving myself a pedicure. Talk about multi-tasking! This masque left my skin feeling super soft and refreshed. I would use this with caution; however, since it can make you more sensitive to the sun. Always apply the proper facial sunscreen when going outdoors.

Here is what Joey New York has to say:

The treatment immediately removes dirt and debris embedded deep in pores while smoothing wrinkles and normalizing damaged, tired skin. The exceptionally effective corrective masque contains Young Green Tender Coconut Water and Indian Ginseng extract complex to smooth, heal and protect. The masque peels off in one piece to reveal fresh, vibrant, healthy-looking skin beneath.

This product retails for $32.00, anc can be purchased at!

What are your favorite masks to use?


Note: Joey New York sent me this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to review their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own! Product information is from Joey New York's website.


Anonymous said...

I love masks and indulge about once a month. I love clay best, right now im using a mint julep mix.

~Sugarsheen~ said...

I haven't tried a clay mask yet, but it's on my list. I've heard a lot of good things about the Mint Julep one.