Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Hand Soap Haul

Hey everyone!

Even though Bath & Body Works is lacking in the Halloween department this year (for shame!), their fall hand soaps have picked up the slack. This past weekend, I went to my local store, and picked up some of their soaps for the fall season. Want to see which scents I picked up? Take a look!

~Aspen Autumn Day
~Heirloom Cranberries
~Heirloom Pear
~Pumpkin Cupcake

~Washington Apply Harvest
~Sweet Clementine
~Vineyard Berries
~Farmstand Apple

I think these are perfect for the fall season, and some will even transition into the winter months for me as well!

Have you picked up any hand soaps for fall yet?


Note: I purchased these products with my own money!