Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Grab Box Calendar Day 17 + An Early Christmas Present Opening!

Hey everyone!

The 17th Day of December brought about a bunch of excitement, because my mailman delivered my Christmas packages from Lauren! But before I get into all that excitement, let me show you the gift I pulled out of my Advent Grab Box Calendar today!

Inside was....

A Chapstick Tin with three of their classic flavors (Strawberry, Spearmint, and Cherry) tucked inside! This little cutie is already in my purse waiting to be used! 

While me and mom were outside doing yard work (Not Fun!), our mailman made a special delivery with my Christmas Boxes from Lauren at Lauren Alice MUA! While I am saving the beauty box to open up on Christmas Day, I did open up the lovely food box she sent me, so I could chow down on some English treats!

These are the goodies all wrapped up! Can you believe how cute this wrapping paper is?! Also, her sweet sister Aimee from Aimee Dot sent me a few amazing presents as well!

Ready to see what's inside?

Can you believe all these amazing treats from Lauren? I feel completely spoiled, and I have already dove into a lot of them! I'm saving the Christmas Pudding and Minced Pies until we get some vanilla ice cream! 

These are the goodies Aimee sent me! Aren't they absolutely adorable? I have the ornaments hanging up on my tree, and the gummies are totally calling my name today!

I have to say that Day 17 was a total success!


Note: My mom purchased the advent gift for me! Lauren and Aimee bought the other gifts for me!