Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cool Down With Greek Yoghurt‏

Hey everyone!

Is the summer heat starting to take its toll on your skin? Refresh your beauty routine with the Korres Greek Yoghurt Collection. Greek yogurt, an ancient healing remedy, is known in Greece for its ability to instantly soothe the skin by delivering increased moisture. Recently, I was sent a sample to review for you all!

Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial is a weightless soufflé powered by super-charged proteins that melt into skin and work overnight for intense, immediate moisturization. I know that I can personally vouch for the melt into skin claim, because this facial cream absorbs quickly into my skin, and feels non-greasy throughout the whole night. Event night before bed, I apply a small amount of this all over my face and neck, and I can see that it does work to help moisturize my dry patches. A total win-win for me!

Here is what Korres has to say:


 A centuries-old Greek remedy for skin soothing, moisturizing Greek Yoghurt provides a natural source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins to instantly nourish stressed, dry skin. This ultrahydrating facial-in-a-jar contains a Greek Yoghurt concentrate with 2.5 times the protein content of regular yogurt, and works overnight to provide skin with intense, long-term moisturization and nourishment. You will wake up to noticeable improvements in skin texture and more moisturized, refreshed skin. 


Greek Yoghurt Concentrate: Contains two and a half times the protein content of regular yogurt. 

 This product retails for $45.00, and can be purchased at Sephora!


Note: I received this product to try and review on my blog. I am not associated with any company mentioned above, nor are they paying me to review their products. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!