Saturday, February 14, 2015

Perfect Valentine's Day Fishtail Hair Style!

Hey everyone!

Get your glam on this Valentine's Day with a hairstyle that says "be mine". Pull out all the stops with a flirty fishtail that will complement any look, whether getting decked for dinner or having a low key movie date night. Below are quick, simple steps from Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Dana Tizzio to get this flattering braided look that he won't be able to resist!

Flirty Fishtail How-To

1. Start with texture. If your wave/curl doesn’t come natural, use a 1 inch wand and set the whole head in small sections.

2. Spritz a texturizing wave spray such as Oribe Dry through the hair to give it some stability and added texture, just to make sure your braid stays put all night long.

3. When creating a fishtail, choose your hair part first where you feel your sexiest. Pull hair over to the side it’s easiest and more natural for you to braid on. 

4. Split/part your lengths in two sections. Put a little pomade on your hands first and run it though the lengths of hair for extra shine.  This will also help keep your layers inside the braid.

5. To start your fishtail, take a little section from behind of one half of your parted hair and pull it to the other section. Then take hair from that section (another chunk from behind) and pull it towards the 1st section. Make sure you keep the tension in the braid the ENTIRE time or it will get loose and fall out.

6. Continue your fishtail braid down to the ends and use a small elastic to tie and secure.

7. When your braid is complete, take the fish tail and gently spread it apart using your fingertips to loosen the braid and make it your own. Undone is the new done!


Note: Hair style detail provided by PR!


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