Monday, May 27, 2013

4-in-1 Detoxifying Cleanser from Biore

Hey everyone!

With all we do throughout our day, the word “multitasker” doesn’t begin to describe most of our busy lives. So why shouldn’t your facial cleanser follow suit? Bioré’s 4-in-1 Detoxifying Cleanser cleans, tones, detoxifies, refreshes and truly does it all – just like you.

This unique, oil-free self-foaming cleanser wipes out over 93% of impurities, dirt and oil to leave skin healthier-looking and refreshed. “The easiest way to get on a good skincare regimen is to use effective multi-purpose products, like Bioré Skincare’s 4-in-1 Detoxifying Cleanser—cutting down on the products you use can help you stick to good skincare habits,” says Bioré consulting dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley.

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Biore's 4-in-1 Detoxifying Cleanser, and I can say that this stuff is fun to use! The convenient pump packaging is great for these hotter months of the year, because it disperses a lightweight foam that is super gentle on the skin. 
This product retails for around $7.99, and can be purchased at a wide variety of retail stores!

Get ready to detoxify, cleanse, tone, and refresh your skin in one easy step!


Note: Biore sent me this product to try and feature on my blog I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to feature their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!