Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper

Hey everyone!

Recently, I was given the chance to try out this Get Waisted Body Shaper from Mama Mio! This product claims to help you burn fat in 30 days, so that you are summer bikini ready. Needless to say, this product would have to be a miracle worker to get my body in bikini ready shape within 30 days! However, I do really love the formulation and concept of this product. The products comes out as a gel/cream consistency at first, but as you rub it into your skin it turns into a quick absorbing serum. It's super easy to use, and hopefully I will see some results after 30 days!

Here is what Mama Mio has to say:

Get a flatter, firmer, tighter tummy from proven fat-busters and toners in our body shaping cream that works beneath the skin's surface to increase the breakdown of fat. 

~clinically proven to help increase fat burning
~tightens and tones your skin so it feels smooth and taut
~works well on love handles, too

How to Use:

One pump is plenty – massage in for at least 30 seconds using large clockwise strokes (helping sluggish digestion, another cause of bloated bellies). Work all the way around your back. Use once a day for 30 days – no cheating! For maintenance, use once a day for as long as you wish. Feel free to get creative – if your arms are tubbier than your tummy, you can let them Get Waisted too.

How it Works:

Get Waisted works by increasing the energy levels within your skin, boosting firmness, tightness and increasing lipolysis. Lipolysis is the natural action that happens when your fat cells release the 'energy' within them - ie fat - to give your body fuel. Get Waisted has 7 ingredients that are designed to increase this natural action on the fat cells within your skin plus 2 skin firmers and tighteners. We want to be totally realistic on this - it is not going to remove large fat deposits, like adipose fat. That takes a combination of Get Waisted, exercise and eating well! But the combination of all these is going to give you a triple whammy result - smoother, firmer, tauter skin around your waist. This seriously is the best body shaper we could create. It has been tested independently by Weightwatchers and many publications like Daily Mail - Weightwatchers tester claimed 'I lost an inch in 30 days by simply using Get Waisted' and The Daily Mail gave Get Waisted the award of 5/5 Best Body Shaper against all the competition. This made us pretty happy, as you can imagine.

This product retails for $56.00, and can be purchased at!


Note: Mama Mio sent me this product to try and feature on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to feature their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own. Product information is from Mama Mio's website!