Saturday, March 29, 2014

Month in Review - March 2014

Hey everyone!

March has been an interesting month to say the least! The pollen has been dropping, and flowers are in bloom.

Keep reading below to see some of the highlights this month!

I love having fresh flowers sitting on my desk!

Our orange tree has blossomed!

Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure of mine, and it is delicious!

I made these Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars for St. Patty's Day by following StilaBabe09's recipe!

Another one of StilaBabe09's recipes was for these St. Patrick's Day Mock-tinis! They were delicious and super festive!

Me and my mom decided to make our own egg rolls! 

I have been going to several places this month, so my trusty, old Lucky Bag has been put to good use!

Those are some of my highlights from March 2014! What are yours?


Note: I am not associated with any brand mentioned above, I just wanted to share some highlights from my month!