Monday, March 3, 2014


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At this evening's 86th Annual Academy Awards, celebrities came out to celebrate the best in cinema, walking the red carpet, showcasing their very best in fashion and grooming. 

We all watched as the handsome list of leading men - Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Matthew Mcconaughey and Leo DiCaprio - walked the carpet looking dapper than ever. 

Vaughn Acord, Celebrity Grooming Stylist to the stars, says, "This is a big night for many of these men, and they all chose hairstyles that were well thought out, had a purpose and felt very classic, old-Hollywood." 

Here Vaughn shares tips on how to achieve each look: 

SHORT SIDES, LONG TOPS: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill "Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill both chose a look that is very reminiscent of the roaring 20's. The hair is extreme with short sides and longer on top. It's a super clean hairstyle that has a purpose. The product selection becomes very important when achieving this look because you have to ensure that the longer hair on top is pressed down. Start by prepping hair with the V76 Ultralight Grooming Spray ($25) and begin to dry it into the hair with a blower. Before hair is fully dry, apply the V76 Control Balm ($28) which will add in weight to the hair and continue to use a blower to set the product in. A finishing spray will add a touch of shine to the Gatsby-ish look." 

BEARDS/FACIAL HAIR: Leo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper "I am really glad to see Bradley went with this look tonight. As predicted, his hair looks refreshing and cool. It's short on the sides but has texture on the top. It pairs well with his beard and fits his personality and style to perfection. To achieve this look at home, rub V76 Molding Paste ($26) into hands and apply it throughout, focusing on the top to get the volume you want for this look. Hit it with a blow dryer to set the product and to mold hair into the shape you want." 

"Jared's hair is down and it works. It's the red tie, white suit, light ends and it looks very polished with his beard. Hair has to be washed and ends need to be cut because his hair looks incredibly healthy. Apply V76 Well Groomed ($26) through ends on damp hair to control any flyways and set with V76 Holding Spray ($28)." 

SHORT HAIR / NO BEARD: Matthew Mcconaughey, Chiwetel Ejiofor "There are a lot of clean faces on the red carpet tonight; even in a moment of facial hair, the leading men went formal, including Matthew. His hair is short on the top and sides, and it looks very sophisticated this evening--like he's ready to accept an award! To get his look at home, start on damp hair and rub a wet gel, like V76 Conditioning Gel ($26) from roots to ends, leaving it slightly undone on top." 

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