Friday, September 28, 2012

Clean Well Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hey everyone!

Life is messy, sticky and germy. CleanWell helps clean it up and kill germs without any unwanted chemicals. These convenient pouches are perfect to pack in a lunch bag or box (cleaning your hands before eating is one of the BEST ways to avoid illness) or share with friends.

And CleanWell doesn't use alcohol or benzalkonium chloride - so no concerns about dry skin, skin irritation, or irritating Mother Nature. Our all natural hand sanitizing wipes are great for hands (and faces) large and small.
These wipes are great for those of us with sensitive skin, who still want to be germ-free!

You can find out more about Clean Well products on their website:!


Note: I received the wipe sample in my Naturals VoxBox from Influenster. I am not associated with any of the companies mentioned, nor are they paying me to post about this product!


Mohala Johnson said...

I love these, and totally have them in my purse right now!

~Sugarsheen~ said...

Hi Mohala!

These little wipes do come in handy! I love that they're all-natural too!

Anonymous said...

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