Monday, April 8, 2013

Bath & Body Works Honeysuckle Candle

Hey everyone!

I love the candles that Bath & Body Works and White Barn have created. They burn evenly, smell true to their names, and just look pretty! So, when Bath & Body Works sent me their White Barn Honeysuckle Candle to try, you know how excited I got. 

First off, let me just say that I love the gold lids White Barn has added to the candles now, it totally makes them look better, and they don't show scratches as much as the silver lids did. Second, the artwork on this candle is sooo pretty! It totally glams up my living room coffee table, and just makes the house look more decorated for spring. Lastly, the scent is true to the name. There is that strong floral scent of honeysuckle mixed with the freshness of spring. I definitely recommend taking a sniff of this next time you're at your local Bath & Body Works store!

Here is what Bath & Body Works has to say:

An alluring blend of sweet honeysuckle, pink peony and a touch of creamy vanilla capture the essence of walking through a garden in bloom.

~The world's best candle guaranteed! Radiates enough fragrance to fill a room. Wax melts consistently & evenly. Flames won't burn out!

~Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance

~Three-wick candle burns approximately 30 to 45 hours

This candle retails for $20.00, and can be purchased at Bath & Body Works store or!

Have you smelled this scent yet?


Note: Bath & Body Works sent me this product to try and feature on my blog. I am not associated with the company, nor are they paying me to feature their product. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% my own!


Maddiekins said...

Def checking this out next time I'm there!

Susie said...

Hmmmm....interesting! I love bath and body works so i think I'll try this one out.

Jessica Jean said...

bath and bodyworks candles are my absolute favorite. i always stay stocked up. i have about 15 in my closet right now lol. i am burning the eucalyptus and rain right now. LOVE IT!