Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look of the Week: Topknot Bun‏

Hey everyone!

The hottest hairstyle this week was the topknot bun. Seen on celebrities like Ashley Simpson and Kaley Cuoco, this ballerina-inspired updo has quickly become an effortless and chic look for celebrities and real women, alike. 

Here are steps on how your readers can easily re-create this look at home:

~Step One: On air-dried hair, apply a thickening spray from root to end, such as UNITE Tricky Lite ($31).

~Step Two: Next, flip head over and using a paddle brush, pull hair into a high ponytail, securing with a rubber band.

~Step Three: Twist hair into a bun, securing with bobby pins to keep hair in place.

~Step Four: The key to this look is making sure there are no flyaways, so smooth hair from the nape of the neck up and around the hairline by spraying a brush with a strong hold hairspray and brushing hair into place. Try UNITE Session Max Hairspray ($29.95).

All UNITE Hair products can be found on!

What do you think of the topknot bun style?


Note: Photo and information provided by PR!