Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MAC Eye Product Collection

Hey everyone!

After sharing my MAC lipstick collection with you, I have received a few more asking me to show you all my eye product collection from MAC! I have a few eye shadows, a paint pot, a mascara, and crushed metallic pigments!

~Crushed Metallic Pigments from the Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection in the shades: Wintersky, Dark Moon,White as Snow, Silver Sleet! These are great to add for extra sparkle!

~Paint Pot in Painterly: This is my go-to everyday eye base product! It keeps my shadows lasting all day, plus I even wear it alone to freshen up my lids!

~Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo from the Divine Nights Collection in Until Dawn: This is another one of my go to shades, the bronze/gold combination works wonders!

~Veluxe Peal Eye Shadow from the Marilyn Monroe Collection in Preferred Blonde: I love this shadow, because it gives me a ton of sparkle!

~Extra Dimension Eye Shadow from the Glamour Daze Collection in Stolen Moment: This shadow is a beautiful purple, taupe color that blends easily and makes the green in my eyes pop!

~Zoom Lash Mascara in Lofty Brown: A great everyday mascara for the casual girl like me! Just enough color to tint my lashes without making them too dark!

What eye products do you have from MAC?


Note: All of the products shown above are gifts from my dear friend Lauren at The Beauty Habit! Go check her out! I am not associated with any brand or person mentioned above. I just wanted to share my collection with you!