Sunday, May 25, 2014

Urban Decay Illuminated Review

Hey everyone!

This past month, I have been everywhere! From finishing up classes to going to the beach, I have been a busy girl! Since my birthday was also in this month, my mom got me the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder to play with!

Love the fun design of the packaging!

The product is housed in a sturdy cardboard style container that has magnetic closures.

Here is the gorgeously, awesome glitter ball! This powder has super fine shimmers running throughout it, and basically it is a shimmer fest wherever you place it! I love to wear it dusted along my arms, shoulders, and chest for a fun, summer, glow!

Underneath the product is another compartment that contains a brush. This brush works great at picking up just enough product to use without wasting any of that glitteriness!

Overall, I absolutely love this glitter ball! 


Note: I received this product as a birthday gift from my mom!